Make-up Races Next Week

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for coming out to the track last night and putting up with the ever changing weather. And thank-you to the teams that were able to run their karts on the track while trying to clear the water away. It was appreciated. We tried our best to keep the racing surface dry and safe but the rain won again.

So here’s the game plan: The heats and feature races that were rained out last night will be made-up next Monday. (July 7) The start time will be 6:30pm. No hot laps. We’ll pick-up where we left off from last night. If you didn’t race last night, you cannot start any of the make-up races but you can run the 2nd program. After the make-up races we’ll have another full program of heats and features. It’s going to be a full night of racing and so we’ll keep the breaks in-between races very short. Keep an eye on the starting line-ups and be ready to go when scheduled. And with the high kart counts, the pits are getting more and more congested. Please be aware of and keep pit lanes clear allowing karts to go to and from their pit stalls. Thank you!


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