News & Notes

Night 2 of the Bob Sailer Memorial race is tomorrow and here are a few notes for that race:

– Start time is the same – 6:30pm hot laps and 7:00pm race.

– There won’t be a draw. Starting positions were set from the results of Night 1.

– If you plan on racing Night 2 but weren’t at Night 1, you’ll start tail end.

– Rookie 1 kids with 206 engines that tested with the purple slide on Monday will have to keep the purple slide in for tomorrow and the rest of the season.

Other club news:

– Pictures from Sunday night’s special race at Buffalo River Speedway can be found here:

– Pictures from yesterday can be found here:

Thanks again to Steven Olson with Stevenator Photography for taking those photos. Speaking of Steven, he took his fist turns with a go-kart yesterday! His video is posted below. Good job Steven!

Steven Olson (Stevenator Photography) test drives the #211 go-kart from the adult class. #76 Reile Sailer from the Open Animal class rides along with.

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