A Short Weather Delay

A small rain shower during the heat races didn’t stop the action Monday night! Check out the picture gallery from this week. (Courtesy: Stevenator Photography) Any of the club’s pictures can be downloaded to share or print for free.


Here are some club notes:

  • If you have items on your kart that the tech inspector found to be incorrect, please fix them A.S.A.P.. It’s the rules and most importantly it’s for the safety of everyone.
  • Please make sure your kart is staged and ready to go when your race comes up. The line-up board will have the race order. We might not wait for you next time.
  • Exact change (or a check) would be very helpful and quicker when signing-in.
  • We’re looking for a person to collect the 50/50 tickets for about an hour each race night. It’s helps fund the club and and 1 lucky person’s wallet! (Call/text Nick Skalicky 701-261-3673 if you’d like to help do this)
  • We’ll be electing a 3-member board very soon and if you want to be a candidate, contact Nick Skalicky.
  • The special go-kart race at Norman County Raceway will be held on Saturday, June 22 as scheduled. If you signed up, be there before 5pm. If you’d like to race, contact Nick Skalicky.

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