Kart Safety

Safety in racing is important at any level… from NASCAR to karting. Helmets, chest protectors and neck collars are just a few of the many pieces of safety equipment the Red River Kart Club requires. This video from today’s races shows those pieces of safety equipment put to the test. #76 Gwen Sailer is in a last lap battle with another driver when they come around turn 4 when you’ll see the stopped kart of #2 Ashton Spieker. That’s when Gwen’s kart runs into the back of Ashton’s kart. Both of the Rookie 1 kids were ok but it’s a reminder that the club always recommends going the extra mile in safety equipment.

Red River Kart Club – Gwen Sailer/Ashton Spieker Crash from The Racing Life on Vimeo.

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