2012 Asphalt Invitational

The 2012 Red River Kart Club Asphalt Invitational will take place over 2 race nights. Night 1 will take place on Wednesday, August 22 and will consist of 2 preliminary rounds of heat races for all classes.

Night 2 will take place on Wednesday, August 29 and consist of 1 additional preliminary heat race followed by feature events for all classes. Preliminary heat races will be 10 laps each and features will be 15 laps for all classes.

Drivers will accumulate points based on their finishing position in each preliminary heat race. These overall points will then be tallied up to determine the starting positions for each feature event, with the over-all highest point earner in each class starting on the pole, the driver with the second highest point total starting on the outside of the front row and so on.

Starting positions for the preliminary heat races on night 1 will be determined the way we usually do with the draw and invert format. Starting positions for the one preliminary heat race on night 2 will be determined by total points earned thru the first 2 rounds of preliminary heats from night 1, followed by an invert. In other words if you have the lowest point total after the first 2 rounds of preliminary heat races, you will start on the pole for the third round of preliminary heats and the driver with the highest point total will start last.

Trophies will be given to the top 3 feature finishers in each class and all rookies will also receive trophies.

Points will be tallied once again after all feature events have been run and trophies will also be given to the top 10 point earners in the club as a whole. This means that a driver in any class has a shot at one of these 10 trophies based on their over-all point totals through the feature events on night 2. These trophies will be handed out at our season ending banquet.

Points will be distributed as follows:

Heats:1st – 252nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 19

5th – 18

6th – 17

7th – 16

8th – 15

9th – 14

10th – 13

Features:1st – 502nd – 47

3rd – 45

4th – 44

5th – 43

6th – 42

7th – 41

8th – 40

9th – 39

10th – 38

There will also be additional awards associated with this event to be handed out at the season ending banquet. The awards are as follows:

  • Hard Luck Award – Given to the driver that experienced the worst luck over the course of this event.
  • Hard Charger Award – Given to the driver that passes the most karts over the course of this event. This will be tallied by how many spots they improve their starting position in relation to their finish position.
  • Sportsmanship Award – Given to the driver that shows the best sportsmanship throughout the course of this event.

Event Specific Rules:

  • Karts will be scaled after all races. If your kart fails to make weight you will be disqualified from that individual race and will receive no points. If you are unsure what your individual weight requirement is for your class, be sure to ask.
  • If you receive a black flag and are DQ’d from any race throughout the event you will receive no points for that individual race.
  • You will not be allowed to run the same kart in multiple classes.
  • If you run multiple karts in multiple classes, you will only be eligible for one top point earner trophy that will be handed out at the banquet. Your highest over-all point total will be the one used to determine your high point earner position.
  • All other Red River Kart Club tech and safety rules will also apply to this event.

Entry fees for this event will be $25 for kart and driver per day and $10 for a pit person per day.

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