Pre-Order Your RRKC T-Shirt

Due to the popularity of the Red River Kart Club t-shirts, we’re putting in another order! If you’d like a t-shirt, please fill out an order form by clicking on the link below. We’ll notify you when the shirts come in and where to pick them up. You’ll be expected to pay for the shirts at that time. The cost: $20 per shirt.


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Another Record Breaker

We had another record breaking night for the number of karts on Wednesday with 54! Thanks to all the teams that were able to come to our rescheduled race. We also had a ton of fun during our first ever “Movie Night!” Look for that to be a regular event next season. We only have one more race left in our 2014 summer racing series next Monday. We’ll try to wrap things up like the t-shirt orders, yearbook pictures and questionnaires. Bring your Go-Pro race videos and we’ll copy that over for the year-end video presentation. And we’ll talk about the upcoming banquet in September. Let’s hope the rain holds off this weekend and let’s see if we can make the last race another record breaker!




For those that stuck around for the movie on Wednesday, here’s a quick “where are they now” update on the kids that were featured in the documentary, “Racing Dreams”:



Josh Hobson: Has been racing in the ASA Late Model Series and has run some ARCA races.







Brandon Warren: Hasn’t raced since the kart season featured in the movie.







Annabeth Barnes: After karting, she started racing Bandoleros and Legend Cars. Then in 2011, she moved into full-sized stock cars and was featured in a four-episode mini-series, “Born To Drive” which followed her rookie season. In 2014, she was 1 of 18 drivers to compete in the Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge 2. Currently, she drives the #12 Late model car in the Whelin All American Series.

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T-Shirts & Pictures

Order your 2014 Red River Kart Club T-shirt! The cost: $20. We’ll have an order form at the track on Wednesday and the following Monday. You must pre-pay when submitting your order. If you’re unable to make it to the last 2 races of the season and would like to order a shirt, call 701-238-3200.

Other notes:
– If you had your picture taken with Jesses Hanson with J Style Photography, you can view the images at: Password: RRKC

– And all the racing action pictures that Jesse has taken this season, plus pictures from past seasons, can be found by clicking HERE. They make great screen savers, wallpapers or post them on Facebook! We provide them to you for free to use however you want!


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Races/Movie Night POSTPONED

The rain we received over the past couple of days has caused the area around the track to be too wet. And so for the first time since early in the season, we are POSTPONING tonight’s races and movie night to Wednesday. The next 2 days look like good drying weather. And to squeeze in the movie at the end of the night on Wednesday, the green flag will drop at 6:30pm. Make sure you are ready to go. Then stick around for the movie! We’ll provide pizza, pop and some treats! Bring a lawn chair, sit in your go-kart, or park your car like it’s a drive-in theatre… it should be a fun night! (Please make sure to sign-up for pizza at the pit sign-in shed if you plan to eat some slices during the movie. It’ll help us figure out how much pizza to order. Thanks!)



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Bob Sailer Memorial Race

On behalf of the Sailer family, we’d like to thank everyone for coming to the 2nd annual Bob Sailer Memorial. It was a huge success with a record number of karts. The grandstands were full and our tailgate sections were packed 2 deep!

Next Monday, we’ll continue to have Jesse Hanson with J Style photography do individual portraits of you and your kart for our yearbook. You can also order special prints from him. He’ll have envelopes with order forms and the print options. Please stop by when you have a free moment. And also make sure to fill out the questions on the yearbook form if you haven’t done that yet. You’ll find those at the pit sign-in shed.

Again, thanks to everyone!


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Casselton Race

For those that signed-up for the special Casselton race event, here are some instructions:

– Karts need to be there at 1:30pm. The race will start at 2:30pm sharp.

– It’s near the address: 31 6th Avenue North

– Come into Casselton from the South. Take a left after Cenex. (Petro Serve USA) You’ll come to a stop sign then turn right. Go over the train tracks and then you’ll see a funeral home and bowling alley on your right side.

– Park and pit on the West side of 6th Avenue. It’s right across from the funeral home & bowling alley.

If you have any questions, please call Kurtis Lemar at 701-793-6736. If you have any other questions about the event, call Nick Skalicky at 701-261-3673.

(This event has filled it’s quota of karts. Sorry!)

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Thank You

We would like to thank everyone for sticking it out at the races last night. With the sun under the clouds and some wind, it wasn’t too bad for temperature. Although the night ended a little early with some of Mother Nature’s fireworks, we would never put anyone in harms way. We were tracking the weather all day and all night and felt we could complete all the heats but came up a short. Despite the active weather we had a great night of racing! Drivers: We’re seeing a few “bump and runs” in the corners. We’ll send you to the back if it’s a constant problem. Other than that, keep up the clean racing!

Thank you!


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Bob Sailer Memorial Race Tonight

We have 2 things going against us tonight… extreme heat and the threat for severe storms. We’ll keep an eye on things throughout the day. It’s a good reminder to the new teams and fans to sign-up for our News Alerts to receive the very latest information from the Club. And… MEMBERSHIPS MUST BE PAID BEFORE YOU CAN RACE TONIGHT.

Other Club Notes:

– The draw cut-off is 6:15pm. If you’re unable to make that time, please text your class and kart number to 701-261-3673.

– If there’s a tie in points between drivers from the heat races, the feature line-up for those particular drivers will be based on the initial draw number. (Lowest redraw number will receive the better starting position.)

– Go-Pro cameras mounted on helmets WILL NOT BE ALLOWED next week. It’s a safety risk. Nothing should ever alter or change a helmet from its original state from the manufacturer. You can run them this week but find a different mounting place next week.

– We’re still keeping an eye on aggressive driving. Keep it clean.



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2nd Annual Bob Sailer Memorial Race

2nd Annual

Bob Sailer Memorial Race

Monday, July 21st & 28th

Presented by: Winmar Sleep Wellness Center, Ferris Racing, Randall’s Excavating, Petro & The Racing Life


The 2014 Red River Kart Club Bob Sailer Memorial Race will take place over 2 race nights. Night 1 will take place on Monday, July 21st and will consist of 3 preliminary rounds of heat races for all classes.


Night 2 will take place on Monday, July 28th and consist of 1 additional preliminary heat race followed by feature events for all classes. Preliminary heat races will be 10 laps each and features will be 15 laps for all classes.


Drivers will accumulate points based on their finishing position in each preliminary heat race. These overall points will then be tallied up to determine the starting positions for each feature event, with the over-all highest point earner in each class starting on the pole, the driver with the second highest point total starting on the outside of the front row and so on.


Starting positions for heat race #1 will be determined by draw. Starting positions for heat races #2, #3 & #4 will be based on accumulating point totals. The driver with the lowest points starts on pole position and the driver with the highest point total starts last.


Awards will be given to the top 3 feature finishers in each class but all Novices will receive awards. (No awards will be given out for Night 1)


Points will be tallied once again after all feature events have been run and awards will also be given to the top 10 point earners in the club as a whole. This means that a driver in any class has a shot at one of these 10 awards based on their over-all point totals through the feature events on night 2. These awards will be handed out at our season ending banquet.


Points will be distributed as follows:

Heats:1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 19

5th – 18

6th – 17

7th – 16

8th – 15

9th – 14

10th – 13

Features:1st – 50

2nd – 47

3rd – 45

4th – 44

5th – 43

6th – 42

7th – 41

8th – 40

9th – 39

10th – 38


There will also be additional awards associated with this event to be handed out at the season ending banquet. The awards are as follows:

  • Hard Luck Award – Given to the driver that experienced the worst luck over the course of this event.
  • Hard Charger Award – Given to the driver that passes the most karts over the course of this event. This will be tallied by how many spots they improve their starting position in relation to their finish position.
  • Sportsmanship Award – Given to the driver that shows the best sportsmanship throughout the course of this event.


Event Specific Rules:

  • A class will need a minimum of 4 karts to receive points. (The Novice class might be combined)
  • Karts will be scaled. If your kart fails to make weight you will be disqualified from that individual race and will receive no points. If you are unsure what your individual weight requirement is for your class, be sure to ask.
  • If you miss Night 1, you’ll need to start at the back of both races on Night 2.
  • If you receive a black flag and are DQ’d from any race throughout the event you will receive no points for that individual race.
  • The adult class will be scored and awarded separately from the kids. (Memberships are not required for the adult class)
  • All other Red River Kart Club tech and safety rules will also apply to this event.


(Entry fees for this event will be $20 for kart and driver per day and $10 for a pit person per day.)


Click HERE to download the flyer
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The Black Flag

We had a record number of go-karts last night! We appreciate all the support from the race teams. We also had a number of incidents on the track that could’ve been prevented.

This is a warning from the Red River Kart Club: AGGRESSIVE DRIVING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. If it continues, expect track suspensions. This warning goes out to all classes. The Red River Kart Club’s focus is to keep go-kart racing fun for the family while teaching basic racing fundamentals along the way. Thank you.


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